DT - Electric Heated Winter Jacket with Mobile Charging

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Custom heated waterproof winter jacket that keeps you hot and toasty during those colder days. Great for outdoor sports and activities, especially when you need to charge your mobile device on the go. 

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U.S SHIPPING: 3-5 days



  • Advanced Waterproof Technology for a completely dry winter experience
  • Adjust your perfect temperature at the click of a button with our 3 heating modes
  • Battery:  Lasts up to 14 hours (Depends on heat mode, low, medium, high)
  • Heats up to 135 degrees fahrenheit
  • Built in USB for on the go Smart Phone Charging



  • We are not responsible for customs costs that may occur due to the international shipment of this product. 
  • The battery charger for this product is designed for U.S voltage outlets. If you are purchasing this from another country, you may need to purchase a separate converter for our battery charger.